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As everything in this school, also arriving to West Coast demanded from us flexibility and quick adaption to situation changes. Our departure was postponed from day to day, from mornings to afternoons and finally we went out at 7th of March. So today is exactly 1 months since I and Martin arrived here in the “Mental Clinic for retarded DI’s” as somebody has written in our accommodation coordinates. :)

The place itself isn’t as horrific as I expected – putting in my mind pictures of ghost movies worthy views. But also here – we had to manage with Polish neighbors, sleeping in sleeping bags or even on floor, cold water showers and moving to new room. For somebody it may be nothing special, but for me – it’s my first experience of living real student life – sharing a room with more people, cooking in it and sharing common shower and toilet with everybody. I catch up all, what I didn’t experience in my live before coming here.

First weeks of Cloth Collection was full of not expected moments – broken cars, night shifts, when we returned home at 6 a.m., or waiting for ferry 40 min in 2 a.m. and realize – it doesn’t go in nights, but we still are 80km from home!

But all above it – is the fascinating nature: mountains, fjords, ocean, frozen rivers and lakes, sun and spring in the morning – winter and huge snow storm, when returning home!

During one month we have changed also team members – Andrea left us and went for Sweden, but here arrived Dust (Anastasijs). And next week we are waiting next changes – Fabian is leaving us for Sweden and will come Ibolya. But apart from the work – we all find time for cooking together, coloring eastern eggs or climb on mountains. That all makes us all only stronger and with more open view for our life and things around us!

Before arriving to West Coast I heard many stories about the nature, beautiful landscape and everybody told me that I’ll love it. So I said to myself, that every person has his own feelings and likes something different and we will see. I arrived to West Coast during the night and what a wonderful surprise was waiting for me the next day!!! First day we went to do the Clothes Collection to Kristiansund and I knew, that I fell in love with West Coast…lakes, sea, forests and all surrounded by the mountains, covered with snow! For the first time in my life I have seen the Northernlight and that is something, I can’t describe in words. We took the van and went outside from the city to find some area without the street lights to have the best view as possible, we stopped the car and we’re just stucked by the amazing green sky! I have to recommend to everybody to see it at least once in your life! After one month I still have the same feelings, only the landscape is a little bit changing – the snow is melting, and now on some places we can see small waterfalls, everything starting to get green! Let’s see, what is waiting for us during the next month!!!

Working in clothes collection is something that you didn’t experience before and i’m not talking about the common living, but about the job.

What a can say? It is a mix of feelings, moods, happiness – that once you shake it, it become an explosive cocktail of real emotions. As soon as you get use to this job, you don’t realize in which day of the week you are. Yes, sometimes the work is very hard but in the ending of the working day you know that you have done your job well and it makes you feel better. We are working for a common goal, so we need just work best as we can!

“Be flexible!” – they told us. And we still are being flexible. The “funny” situation is that you don’t know where you’ll be after 2 weeks, 3 weeks or one month – everything changes! And you must be ready to the change, why not?

I like work in clothes collection, and after 1 month in West Coast – I’m ready for going in Sweden, like i wrote before: BE FLEXIBLE. :)

West Coast is an amazing place for living and work (at the same time). It offers you beautiful landscapes and views that you can’t imagine, and in fact I took more than 500 photos.

I’m a person, that can’t sit and do nothing! So I’m really glad, that I didn’t have much free time and I had all time something to do. Had a lot of work and also many thoughts – about what I have, what will happen and about life. Not bad, but time after time I feel, that I am the only one, who is trapped somewhere, while everybody else flow by the stream around me. Work, that we have to do – all time is the same, but I like the dynamic and changes, that life brings to me – work with people, change of circumstances, unexpected happenings.

I have always imagined myself living in warmest places on the Earth – where the grass is green, sun allways is shining and never ending feeling of happiness, but never here – in Norway! Honestly – I’ve never seen more beautiful places like here! Truly I’m happy, that in this short period I had the chance to be in Sweden and West Coast of Norway.

Every days feelings for now – everything is uncertain, abstract, projection of self attitude, everything is in contradictions, never ending dissonances. Seeming so, how it should be in me! And I like it so!

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